Less than tolerable, humane, and unjust

My experience with the current family court judge has been less than tolerable, humane, and unjust––violating not only our GOD-given rights but the civil rights awarded in the constitution. Rather than outline the details of my experience I’m just going to tell you simply by a list the wrongs we’ve endured:

  • Children in foster care/ or adopted from foster care have no past, no trauma, no need for caring and compassion in her court room. She won’t hear it as “it’s irrelevant to the hear and now.”
  • Allows child victims to be badgered and shouted at by the prosecutor until the child is in tears.
  • She discounts recommendations and facts given by Licensed Mental Health professionals.
  • Obviously overwhelmed with her case load. Strings families along in her court room for YEARS. Multiple continuances, excuses like “that got misplaced on my desk”, “why did we call this case today”?
  • In a ruling with a family of multiple children, forgets the genders of the children. Doesn’t rule on all the children just forgot they were a part of the family. Causing additional delays.
  • Alienating parental rights, denies children from visiting family even if under supervision. Ignoring recommendations from CASA, GAL, and MD’s.
  • Encourages a child go back into the “system” so parents can have visits, instead of remaining home with non-offending parent and granting supervised visit with parent on trial. Even though the cabinet and CASA agree they are in good hands with non-offending parent.
  • Permits the current assistant County Attorney to withhold expository evidence that was ORDERED to be disclosed to the court. Without even a slap on the wrist.
  • Allows attorneys to extend time on producing motions and discovery while they brag in her court room during court they can’t get it done in weeks due to going on vacations to the beach etc.
  • Incorrectly discloses details in her findings, carelessness in retaining factual information.
  • Appoints CASA’s to cases and discounts recommendations. To be honest, I don’t think she looks at the report.
  • Impartial to CHFS/DCBS they are always right, never skewed or malicious.

…It has been intolerable to stand by and watch While my children are revictimized, traumatized, and suffering in ways that will never be repaired. She belittles and blames the non-offending parent for the children’s adverse reaction and sees not the meaning of time, financial burdens and what is being destroyed as days tick by.

– Anonymous

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