Bring back CARE, prioritize SAFETY and restore HOPE to family court.




Let's build an efficient, caring and safe family court together.
Joni for Judge!

Family court is a place of big emotions and big decisions. The presiding Judge has a responsibility to set the tone for the families and counsel in their courtroom, which can dramatically effect the trajectory for the family and children involved.

The position of family court judge requires consistent patience, courtesy, tact, courage, firmness, understanding, compassion, common sense and timely orders. Joni Bottorff will accept nothing less than thoughtful discernment and timely resolution for the families of Oldham, Henry and Trimble Counties.

About the Candidate

Joni Bottorff brings a fresh perspective to Circuit 12's bench. What an opportunity to change the family court experience for everyone—where respect, professionalism and urgency are prioritized with keeping children safe.

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Help us bring back care, prioritize safety and restore hope to the Family Courts of Oldham, Henry and Trimble Counties. Every gift is appreciated, and it is our goal to be the best stewards of these donations. After the election, any remaining funds will be donated to local children's charities.

Vision for Family Court Judge

  • Provide a healing environment for families and counsel 
  • Prioritize safety of children above all else
  • Timely orders for all
  • Improve efficiency to allow cases to be heard and resolved in a more timely manner
  • Ensure the best interest of children remains the focus
  • Reduce needless courtroom entertainment which increases time, cost and waste
  • Maintain privacy for every case
  • Genuinely involve trusted partners such as CASA
  • Offer a healing environment for families in distress
  • Work professionally with staff and Family Court Bar
  • Offer resources to families in crisis

About Joni Bottorff

Joni is a seventh generation Oldham Countian, a proud graduate of Oldham County Schools, and is grateful for the opportunity to raise her children here. Joni is a single mom, a business owner, a lawyer, a board member, a volunteer.

  • Graduate of University of Louisville Louis D. Brandeis School of Law, Juris Doctor, 2006
  • Owner, Your Land & Title (2021–Present)
  • Owner, Bottorff Law Group (2016–Present)
  • Attorney, Pitt & Frank (2017–2021)
  • Member in good standing of the Kentucky Bar
  • Member of La Grange Presbyterian Church
  • 7th generation Oldham Countian
  • Oldham County YMCA Board Member (2018-2020)
  • Good News Homes Board Member (2018-2020)
  • Oldham County Public Schools graduate & OCHS girls basketball player

Share your story

Do you have a story to share with your experience in the family circuit court? Joni is all ears to listen. If elected, she will work to make changes in the courts.

Years of Trauma

I have a similar story as the ones you have posted and while I wish to remain anonymous, I don’t want any other parent to…

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Our family court should be the
model for other communities.

District 12 is built upon families, and our community deserves a fair court that fosters healthy healing and safe children.
Vote Joni for Judge to bring back care, prioritize safety and restore hope for families in our courts.

“My children were in foster care, and in our home for almost 5 years, before we were allowed to adopt them. It’s sad to me how a judge can disregard the laws created to ensure timely permanency for our kids in care. My hope is simply for a judge that respects and follows the law.”

District 12 Adoptive Parent


“As soon as I saw this I was thrilled! This is what government needs, it’s what OC needs, it’s what families need! Vote for Joni!”

Chrissy Hancock

“Joni knows this area well, her family roots are here, and I can count on her being professional, friendly and personable at the closing table. These qualities will translate well to Family Court Judge!”

Top Realtor

Oldham County

“It was so discouraging when Judge Goodwin fell asleep during our hearing. It made me realize how little she actually cared about our child’s case. I can’t wait for a judge who shows our children the respect and consideration that they deserve.”

District 12 Foster Parent


Primary election is Tuesday, May 17th

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